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Is Hypnosis With Platinum Therapies For Me?

  Whether you've had hypnosis before or this will be your first time I can help you make the changes you want. Clients often tell me they've come to me as a last resort and that's fine. Hypnotherapy is fantastic for overcoming the things that you just can't seem to change by will alone. The fact that you've got as far as reading this suggests that you know what you want to change and you probably even have a good idea of how to achieve it e.g.


    - A smoker knows that they just need to stop smoking because its going to seriously affect their health

    - Someone who is overweight knows they need to reduce their calorific intake and exercise more

    - A person suffering with anxiety knows they need to calm down and relax

    - Somebody with a phobia knows that their fear far out weighs the threat or danger from the stimulus


  Even though we consciously understand these things, our efforts to change are often lost in procrastination or start well but fade off after just a short amount of time.This can be due to subconsciously stored limiting beliefs or mental blocks that we don't even know we have. I have training in direct and non-direct hypnotherapy as well as EFT which I combine along with practical tips and pointers to help you remove them and make your changes last. 


  I also love working with generative change, helping you improve in the things that you already do well, would like to do better or do with more consistancy. From your Golf swing to workplace presentations and everything in-between. Why should form be temporary?


 I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS so contact me to book one or to ask any further questions. I have full insurance and accreditation with The National Hypnotherapy Society. I have a therapy room at PAATC In Poole and I can make home visits as well.


I am registered with the Professional Standards Authority. Watch the video below to find out more...

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