Habits and Addictions

 How many of us can honestly say we haven't got at least one or two bad habits that we really should eliminate?


I'm lucky, I get a lot of free hypnotherapy on the Professional Development courses that I regularly attend. As part of the practical elements the other hypnotherapists and I use our new techniques on each other. Through this I have stopped biting my nails and eliminated at least a couple of other things and there's still several more annoying habits that im saving up for future trainings! ( I'm fairly sure my wife is keeping a list too)


The problem with habits is that they are subconsciously stored, learned behaviours and because they are subconscious we dont even realise we are doing them until its too late and that's if we realise at all. That's why it is so difficult to change or stop them. Using hypnotherapy we can bring those behaviours to conscious awareness and break the pattern of behaviour that leads up to the habit. Once again there are many methods for doing this and I like to combine them in the way I think best for your situation.*


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Jamie Iles Dip Hyp CS

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 'I have never been so relaxed in my life...'*


'The whole experience was superb'*


'For the first time in as long as I can remember I was able to totally relax and i literally felt the tension drain away'*


'Thank you for helping me to get my life back on track'*


'It is a completely secure, comfortable and open enviroment in which to be true and honest.'*



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