Weight Management

 Weight management is one of favourite treatments. So many people lose weight fast and then put it back on again, or constantly yo-yo with short term healthy eating or exercise. My philosophy is simple;


The changes you make should be small and easy  - Big changes or anything that is not easy will require to battle with subconscious desires to do things that make you happy, if you fight your subconscious you will end up losing.


We do not count calories - It's tiresome and really not necesary. It is also fraught with unseen difficulties. Calorie content on foods can be unreliable and calories from fats, carbohydrates or protein all have different properties and have there own calorific cost when processed by the body. Its just not realistic or fun.


No food is off limits - Sometimes people come to me to stop them eating a certain food that they like too much. Its certainly can be done why would you want to? Life is far too short to be denying yourself the things that you love. If you love chocolate eat it. Using hypnosis we can help you enjoy your guilty pleasures in a healthier way.


No weigh-ins (unless you want to!) - Weight loss should be steady and sustainable. If you eat well and do a little exercise the weight loss will come as will the health benefit. Why constantly measure yourself? Weight on the scales is affected by so many factors (water retention, muscle mass etc) that it's not really a good indicator of fat levels or health anyway. Many of the worlds top athletes would be considered extremely overweight if they were judged on their B.M.I.


So the way I like to structure this treatment is to attack the problem from several angles. We break the habits and unhelpful behaviours such as snacking or over eating, address the reasons behind them and replace them with healthier behaviours. We work on motivation, confidence and self-esteem as well as helping you set and achieve realistic, achievable goals. We will also try to help you realise sooner when you are full by using hypnosis to allow you eat more slowly and pay attention to how much you are eating.*  


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Jamie Iles Dip Hyp CS

What My Clients Say:-

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 'I have never been so relaxed in my life...'*


'The whole experience was superb'*


'For the first time in as long as I can remember I was able to totally relax and i literally felt the tension drain away'*


'Thank you for helping me to get my life back on track'*


'It is a completely secure, comfortable and open enviroment in which to be true and honest.'*



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